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Is there any free software to tell me the temperature of my laptop? Answered

So my brother sold me his old broken laptop for $7 in quarters! (What a steal right?) So I scrapped the speakers, 2 sticks of RAM, USB ports, a cooling fan, LCD screen, a hard drive, and a diode. So I took the fan and wired it to a USB cable to have a cooling fan under my laptop since it usually runs pretty hot, and now it's nice and cool. Is there a widget or free software to tell me the temperature? Thanks.

PS: What else should I do with all these parts? I already installed a RAM chip in my computer.


I've used core temp, or core temp64, which will display the temperature as the icon in the taskbar.

Also, if you put one of the sticks of RAM in a newer computer, make sure it isn't pulling the RAM speed down on all the other sticks.

this is what I use
This is the Tool to use if its a laptop it should tell you what the temp is of the cpu or motherboard mine shows the hard drive temp too, it varies by machine but I have found Speccy to be an invaluable asset for finding missing drivers and generating a complete list of all hardware within a machine. it also creates a printable/ internet published link for future access or tech support hardware. hope this helps.

I was going to come in this thread, and post that.

You beat me to it!

But really, Speccy, and all of the other piriform projects, are very nice.

there is this application called Speccy
i use it all the time when tiring to figure out what hardware ill need for upgrades it can show you the temp of your system if your motherboard supports it. my laptop will show a CPU temp but my desktop does not have that interface give it a try its freeware