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Is there any free video conversion software that converts and encodes all video file types including swf? Answered

I make a lot of videos with adobe's flash CS Series however, I'd like to convert and encode them to any video file that exists including SWF and MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MPEG-1 and the High Definition MPEG-5 also including many more video files and encoding such as FLV (Adobe Flash Video). it comes with encoding like AVC and VC-1 also with region types PAL and NTSC. it can also let you edit how big the video file should be (For if it gets burnt onto a DVD or USB or Hard Drive). is there any freeware or GPL software that can do this?


review " HandBrake" might be what your looking for

As orksecurity said, there is no "ultimate" conversion program. The closest thing to what you're asking for is a freeware program called MPEG Streamclip. However, i know that Flash is not supported by this program either, or by the vast majority of other file conversion software.  You'll probably need a program specifically for that format, and it will likely require it to already be in a specific format such as .avi.

Some video formats are proprietary, requiring that the programmer buy a license before they can distribute code which handles them... which means free solutions generally don't support those formats, or require separate (purchased) plug-ins to support them.

So, no, nothing free is likely to support "all" video file types.