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Is there any light that for a refrigerator that is motion activated that runs on external power? Answered

I have a small chest freezer and a mini fridge that I keep things in and i wanted to know if there was a product on the market that could provide lighting to these? I dont want to drill into the units so something battery powered would be ideal, if anyone had an Idea of something that could be made that would be good as well. The closest thing I found was this http://www.amazon.com/Coleman-Auto-On-LED-Cooler-Light/dp/B0043A3370/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1306905359&sr=8-2 and it is really close but I thought I would put my problem before this infinitely creative community.


a solar cell , even a small one should be sufficient, remember, your battery is ngonna be charging for 23.5 hours of the day on ambient light, and the other on average its gonna spend 30 minutes turned on from being used . youll need to find a away though to waterproof the circuit, as condensating water may cause damage.
also youll need to find a way to link the outside cell with the inside light bulb/led.

Whichever solution you pick, remember that batteries don't usually work very well in the freezer. You'd be better off keeping those outside of it. You may however be using them so briefly that it wouldn't matter. I'm not sure what effect the cold would have on them taking a charge from a solar cell...

A small PCB with an LED battery and light detector circuit should do the trick.

One of the units is in a dark room, think that will pick up enough ambient light? Not really gonna tun on teh overhead light each time.

OK then switch on the freezer lid to turn an LED on. Radio shack may well do the job.

I'd go for ultra-simple: battery, bulb, and a normally-closed microswitch that is held open by the door pressing against it when the door is closed.

Or just leave a flashlight nearby.

That sounds I deal, so is my local radio shack the best place to go, or to a web site?