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Is there any method we can download this whole website? There's just too much great instructables to uncover. Answered



9 years ago

Please do not do this, it is not reasonable to do what everyone can't also do, and if everyone were downloading the whole site it would become inaccessible to many people and have much larger bandwidth bills. Besides, how often would you have to do it? The number of instructables is always growing, and good, useful comments are added after the fact as well as better ways of doing things that make older instructables sometimes obsolete. Besides that, using a browser to access these online is the design around which the site is based, it will be easier to use the information as it is presented rather than having to set up your own personal webserver to serve the content back to you in a pseudo-offline mode on your lan or localhost loopback.

That is not yet possible, and they are 14,000 instructables created, that could swallow your hard drive.

The text of the instructables wouldn't be very large, maybe a few hundred megabytes at most. All the text of wikipedia's English articles comes in at fewer than 5 gigs.

But, you also have to worry about the pictures...

If compressed, that's not too bad. Let's say 10 images per instructable, 100kb per image (could be made even less), 14000 instructables. That's only 14gb. Sure, a lot, but hardly swallowing your hard drive level. If the images were shrunk to thumbnail-ish size, with links to the actual image online, it would be even less. The only issue would be bandwidth for all that downloading.

Ahh, I see, I forgot about compressing... So it is possible to put it on the hard drive, but I still don't know how to down load the whole site...