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Is there any one out there that is building or has built the aquarama riva 1:10 scale RC boat from John-toms.com? Answered

I have been working on this boat for a couple weeks now and the body of the boat was fairly self-explanatory, but I Am having trouble trying to figure out the interior. Is there anybody out there that can help?


I found you an online RC Group where someone posted a number of photos of this same boat they were building (same scale). It might help to look through them, and if you need to, you can always post a specific question over there.

I also read on that same page that there are some issues with the design instructions? If you are having that same problem, the comment is #15 (on that page), there's a link to better instructions.

I hope that helps.

Wow, thanks so much for checking it out for me, you're the best!


5 years ago

Cool work skill so far :)