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Is there any other software I can use besides RhinoCam to convert a Rhino 4.0 drawing to g-codes? Answered

I am going to buy some software to design various parts with, to then be milled out on a cnc.  The problem is that even the basic version of RhinoCam is $1000.  I want to use Rhino, but I would rather use some other g code converter that RhinoCam.  Is there an software that can do this?

Thanks in Advance!



If you use Alibre, it comes with a CAM package in it too.
Are your CNC parts fancy surfaces, or just plain components ?

The parts will be plain, I don't think that I will be making anything complex in the near future.

Then I have to say that Alibre is just about the best option on the market.


I have looked around and I think that I am going to use rhino, and then convert it to g-codes with sheet cam. It is the cheapest option for what I need it to do and it can do 2.5 axis. Do you know if rhino can export as dxf? I have looked around and can't find if it does. Thanks for your help!