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Is there any point in putting a storage battery into my solar water pump circult? Answered

I have a small pump that I use to move water in a birdbath outside of my office window. It's solar-powered. Here it is on eBay. According to the very minimal information sheet included, the "Power of Solar Battery" is 7V/1.2W. The "Power of Pump" is 7V/1.05W.

The pump only runs when the panel is in direct sunlight. Is there any reasonable way to add a larger storage battery to the circuit so that power is stored when the sun is brightest and the pump can run for a longer time?



4 years ago

From my reading of the description there is no battery, it calls the solar panel a solar battery probably due to bad translating.

The max output of the panel is just a little more than the requirement of the pump. If you want to put a battery into the circuit you will have to turn the pump off to charge that battery because there is no surplus power. To keep the battery charged AND the pump running you need more output than what the panel is capable of. You could add a second panel in parallel and that could give you the needed increase to charge a battery and run the pump. Or you could turn the pump off until the battery is charged. Then when the battery is charged the trickle charge of the panel might keep it up but any serious shade and the battery will require a boost.

Id be curious to know whats in the box on the back of the solar panel, it looks as if it might be the right size for AA batteries.

Open it up if possible and see what mA rating they are if there are any in there, otherwise try 6 AA rechargeable's ie 7.2v but not much more than 600mA rating otherwise the panel will never be able to charge them up.

If you use a larger solar cell you can use a larger battery to store a charge for a longer running pump.