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Is there any projects do do with an old compressor??? Answered

I have a old Campbell Hausfeld that wont compress air I would like do do something with it instead of thring it out. Any ideas???


Attach the old tank in line with your new compressor for higher capacity (cfm) and longer before the motor kicks in

It might be a simple fix to reseat/rebuild the valves - often a broken compressor can be a ....fixed....air compressor :D

Its already kicked the bucked three times and I put on new valves and seals. I finaly retired it and got a new one. I just don't want to throw it out

The tank is probably still in good condition - I'd find a way to use that as the pressure vessel for something like a potato gun :D The compressor block could make some interesting modern art. You could use a bandsaw and make a cutaway model of how a compressor works (if theres enough of the compressor left intact) (Yay for alberta winters. I'm stuck all winter with no garage so no 'outdoor' instructables.

that's the same here in Alaska, it's only the ninth of Nov.and it's already been down to -30 below

what is the problem with it ? (whats broken)

I fired up the compressor on one of our -40 Albertan winter days and the piston shattered