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Is there any reaction between aluminum an bronze? Answered

I would like to use some bronze bushings on an aluminum rod, but would like to know if some kind of reaction will happen (like the aluminum corroding or something bad).




Best Answer 8 years ago

Try googling the galvanic reaction chart. If I remember correctly, it shows a list of metals, the further apart two particular metals are on the list the more they react with each other.

Caarntedd is correct, but as long as there is no electrolyte present you shouldn't have a problem.

If you're really worried about it, you can use a protective coating like lacquer or epoxy paint on the aluminum where it contacts the bronze.

.  It should have a good coating of oil (or other lubricating material) on it already.


Given that ali-bronze is a very corrosion resistant alloy, I have doubts you'll have much problem from corrosion. You might get shaft wear issues though, with aluminium being softer than bronze