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Is there any solid that melts at a lower temp? Answered

 Matter can change states. Most solids need an increase in temperature to melt. Is there a solid that can melt at a lower temperature.



I ran across a metal years ago that went from a solid in a drinking glass to liquid when placed in yo hand.

When ice is left in a freezer at home for a long time, doesn't it seem to shrink?  Would that be a solid going straight to a gas?

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ice :P
define low temp, cause everything is a solid at absolute 0


8 years ago

If you are referring to a solid with the only variable being temperature, the answer is no. Once a solid, no material that I am aware of, can turn to a liquid state by lowering its temperature.

Doh!  good reading..I didn't catch that distinction in her question...

then again I guess I didn't read the whole question, just the title...

Helium freezes at an ungodly low temperature.

Thats almost always a fluid (if not always).

A lower temperature than what ?  Or do you mean a material that is liquid, then soldifies as it is warmed  ?

Sounds like that's what he means. And I _think_ the answer is "no" unless you change the pressure as well as the temperature.

Gallium melts at around 86 F

Chocolate (untreated with waxes) melts at body temp.

Why do you ask? In addition to guyfrom7up: wax, Wood's metal and other toxic heavy-metal alloys.