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Is there any technology that can help people to smell and taste? Answered

Recently, my mom had a concussion and she lost all senses of smell and taste.  Is there any technology out there that could possibly help her to regain these senses like a hearing aid helps you to hear.  Thanks!


Unfortunately there isn't anything that could help to improve her sense of smell or taste. With hearing problems, a hearing aid is used to correct a problem within the ear. With a concussion related loss of senses, the problem exists in the brain where the information is processed. Essentially her nose and mouth still function the same, its just that the brain cannot translate those signals.

In her case, visiting a Neurologist would be more beneficial than visiting an ENT. They could conduct tests, and assess her condition and give her a more definitive idea of whether these symptoms are permanent or if she is likely to regain some of these senses. Counseling might also be helpful if her condition is permanent as many people have a hard time adjusting. What can really be helpful to her peace of mind is ensuring that things like smoke detectors and something to detect gas leaks is operating since she won't be able to tell if there is a danger.

If she can get referred to a specialist they might be able to do something.

Smell and taste - closely associated, are the most difficult senses to mimic with electronics, is a real world the answer is no.

BUT good news she is likely to get her sense back over time.