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Is there any water soluble powder that when compressed into a form, stays that way? Answered

Basically what the title says, I need it for an experiment. 


Mix nearly any fine powder with a little starch powder and it will "tablet". We've pelletised glass powders like that.

Corn startch? Or just startch? 


I think we need to know more about what you're trying to construct, what it has to stand up to while solid, and how quickly you want it to dissolve. After all, _iron_ will dissolve if you give it enough time...

I'm trying to get baking soda to compress into little tablets... But it wouldn't work, so I asked the question above 

try corn starch ,  that was th' original medium for making medicine into pills

 Plaster of Paris

x-actly (I came back to the thread just to add those two, but you beat me to it....)

Portland cement

Several tonnes will compress a lot of powders into lumps. Dampening them helps, but I reckon steve has a good answer on this.


I thought that pressure was all you needed, until trying to compress glass powders. My grandfather was a pharmacist, and my dad remembered the "magic ingredient"

It depends upon what it is. Potassium bromide for example will press into transparent disks (~10 tonnes per square cm), glass I wouldn't expect. But ye-olde pharacutical preparations are obviously tried & tested - a good answer.


Although I may be out on the pressure, the gauge did read 10 tonnes, but I'm not too sure after that.


Baking powder
Poster paint...

...just about any powder can be pressed into solid blocks with enough pressure.


8 years ago

Do you mean that you want a thing to dissolve when it goes in water?
I don't know about one powder but you can try: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-Bath-Bombs/

Try fiddling with the ingredients/mixtures, maybe you can get something close to what you want.

Hope it helps.