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Is there any way to amplify a smell without altering it? Answered

I need to find a way to make a weak smell stronger without using things like fans.  The smell is good but you can't smell it unless you put it right under your nose. 

Is there any chemical or something that can do this?


EDIT- the smell in question is deodorant.


Strength of a smell is a combination of the molecule's characteristics (how strong a response it triggers) and how many of those molecules reach how many of the right receptors in your nose. Skunk scent can be detected as low as a single molecule; other scents require more.

There may be chemicals which would alter how the receptors respond, but I'd be leery of mucking about with them... not least because they would make everything else smell odd until they wear off.

Usually, it's better to concentrate the smell at the source -- use a larger or more concentrated sample, or heat it so more of the scent is released.

I'm assuming that you've already checked that whatever-it-is is safe.

Heat it, to put more into the air. Sorry, I don't think there's any other simple solution, and there may not be a complex solution either.

You need to increase the vapour concentration - heat often works.
But we don't know what you're smelly-stuff is yet.


Smells are in generally produced by volatile oils. Concentration is the only sensible solution. The alternative would be messing with someone's olfactory system to artificially increase their sensitivity, which may or may not be possible but is imo a questionable approach.