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Is there any way to convert my old speakers into wireless? Answered

I have some great speakers I inherited from my dad. We recently moved houses, but the new configuration of the house would make it very hard to hide the cords (I HATE cords) I was hoping that there was some sort of transmitter/receiver I could hook up to the receiver to still use them. I don't have the cash to buy more. On the same note, our computer at our new house is now upstairs. We used to have it hooked up to the receiver so we could listen to our MP3s on surround sound. Without having to actually run lines through the walls, is there any way to wirelessly transmit from my computer to the receiver? I run on a Mac. TIA!



9 years ago

i have a similiar project in mind.

A steampunk wireless telephone

i do not know how to start

i want to convert an antique-looking telephone to a wireless telephone.

it will all look old but the wireless antenna instead of the cord.

something like in the picture.

Similiar to the telephone in fifth element

Pls give me a lead

Old Telephone.jpg

9 years ago

Tricky. You can think of things like connecting line-out to an FM transmitter, then plugging the speakers into a regular radio/amp unit. Or more elaborate than that plug the speakers into another PC connected via standard wireless networking.

Have a look at running data through your mains wiring perhaps?



9 years ago

Google "wireless speaker conversion".