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Is there any way to de-magnetize jewelry? Answered

I left some jewelry sitting on top of my microwave, and when I picked it up again, it was magnetized. Is there any way to demagnetize it, or undo this? Thanks!


Put The jewelry near a working electrical transformer and slowly take it away a few times should do the trick. 
A pistol type soldering gun can be used: take off the tip and replace it with a bare wire loop like coat hanger wire  or bare copper wire. squeeze the trigger and pass the jewelry through the loop and remove it SLOWLY. the loop will probably get hot so be careful and not burn yourself.

You can degauss a monitor by securely taping a magnet to a drill and holding the rapidly spinning magnet near the screen. In your case, the casing of a pencil-sharpener motor might also work. But your steel or nickel jewelry should demagnetize fairly quickly on its own. Leaving it in a hot car or a warm oven would speed this up.

the way i magnatize / de-magnatize my screwdrivers. To magnatize i drag my screwdriver across a magnet north to south four times to demagnatize i drag it across a magnet south to north four times and it will not pick up screws. this might work for jewelery i don't know i've never tried it.

heating it up would demagnetize it

Most effectively with a degausser (as you used in your keywords).