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Is there any way to disrupt or jam the am /fm radio station . Answered

Hi, I have a new neighbour and despite pleading, he puts his radio on outside our bedroom window. Is there any way to disrupt or jam the am /fm radio station so when he puts it on we can disrupt the signal. Maybe he would get the hint that the radio no longer works from that window and he would move it somewhere else. Please can anyone help?


Yeah, just like iPodGuy said, your best bet would be a device that broadcasts noise at the same frequency. I did something like this a few years ago for a college project, except it jammed at the 900MHz range. Problem is that this is illegal. FM broadcasters, like satellite radio receivers, are legal because they have such a small broadcast radius. For what you need, it crosses the line. Basically, the radio station paid for that range of the spectrum, and by using it you're stealing from them. If you're caught it's the FBI that investigates. Honestly, your best bet might be a call to the local police. Not very DIY, I know, but better than the FBI on your doorstep.

M. Gyver im trying to replicate a simlar project that you did im trying to block somewhere near 156.16500 fm or around there? any ideas???????

The FBI won't care if your broadcasting in a small range.


6 years ago

Would this apply to an AM radio also? I have the same problem as the OP, a a noisy, unreasonable neighbour who refuses to co-operate. I have being trying the trick with the valve radio as suggested by drbrown/mcgyver but am being unsuccessful. I am sure of the radio frequncy he is listening to, but it is AM radio - could this be the problem? thanks in advance :)

Yep, go here-     http://www.afrotechmods.com/cheap/jammer/jammer.htm
Just get the correct value for the oscilator. For example, you want to block the annoying rap station 95.3   So you get an oscillator around 95 MHz.   It works by sending out a blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  noise at 95 times a second, which overpowers the actual voice/annoying rap. No offense to ppl who like annoying rap....
NOTE: this probably is illegal so don't do it. I have never used nor will use oscillators in a way that is illegal. I do not condone the use of materials for illegal purposes.  : p

Don't do this; it is not legal. Hypothetically, for FM radio take a cheap old transistor radio, analog tuning (with a dial) The ones that receive tv and weather are best because they go past the bottom of the FM dial. Turn it on. Keep the volume low. Now, S-l-o-w-l-y, tune the tuning dial from the bottom toward the top. Eventually you will find a sub-harmonic of the station that annoys you, and if you're close enough, it will mysteriously fade out. Hypothetically, of course.

It doesn't have to be noise. Any carrier wave on the same frequency as the radio is tuned that's stronger than the station's carrier will probably work. Your transmitter doesn't have to be very strong though! Remember that your transmitter is a number of feet from the radio, and the station's transmitter is a number of miles.

You can get a number of devices that transmit on the FM band over short distances. These are usually marketed to interface MP3 players to car radios. If you can tune these devices to the stations he listens to, then it can work for you.

I wonder if you could figure out what station it is and get an FM transmitter to broadcast at that frequency. Then all his radio will be playing is your favorite tunes.