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Is there any way to dual-boot Windows and Xbox 360/PS3 firmware? Answered

For christmas, I am trying to build a custom PC made for gaming.  I wanted to know if it was possible to dual-boot Windows 7 and Xbox 360/PS3 firmware on the PC.  What I mean is that when you turn the PC on, you get a choice on whether to boot into windows or the 360/PS3 firmware. 

So is it possible?


It is possible. Just not to the demands you have.

For starters. The ps3 only has 256Mb of ram for Graphics. You could run an older version of windows but you still need to meet the requirement of having a non-retail system. (Jailbroken). To unlock the bootloader to enable the previously locked "Boot Other OS" function that was disused in early 2010.

Long story short, by any mere mortal, CANNOT be done.

What you could do is cram the physical hardware of all three machines in a well-cooled box, and boot with a video/audio selector.

I don't have the money to acquire all 3 machines........

Then you'll have to do without one or two of them. Sorry, but they really are not compatible with each other.

There was a time when the PS3 could be persuaded to boot Linux and thus be used as a general-purpose PC. (Not Windows-compatable, but still quite useful.) Unfortunately Sony locked out that feature about a year ago.


7 years ago

I highly doubt it because they are so different. not to mention you would have to get the console firmware and then load it onto a separate hard drive or partition. As mettaurlover said below you could install some distribution of Linux that uses the GRUB boot loader and add the firmware to the boot order. The problem is that you would have to edit the firmware to accept the configuration of the PC. while it is possible, I highly doubt that you would be able to make the modifications to the firmware yourself. I also doubt that you would get much help from the PC gaming community because most gamers have no interest to play xbox games on the PC, with the exception of HALO.

Does the Xbox or PS3 save it's firmware on hard drives or some internal flash chip?

I don't really know ( I'm a PC gamer 99.9%), but it is most likely a ROM chip or a internal flash chip like you said. I doubt that it would be on a hard drive because when adding the hard drive to the PS3 or XBOX the manufacturers just replaced the memory cards.

Well, if you're willing to triple-boot, you could dual-boot it with Ubuntu and add in the Xbox stuff as an option in GRUB.

Well, if you can figure out how to install it at all, you can make it a GRUB option.

Like I said, you figure out how to put Xbox firmware-of any generation-on your computer and make it boot on its own, then you can make it dual boot by adding it as a menu option through GRUB, which does EXACTLY what you want to do.

In other words, first reinvent the Xbox, then the rest is obvious... Not highly helpful.

Which he would have to do in the first place, though he could just use an emulator inside Windows and save a LOT of trouble.

.  If I understand what you are trying to do - use a PC to run game console apps - you will need to emulate the console's hardware, BIOS, ROMs, PROMs, &c. I doubt that any PC can do that in real-time. YMMV.

YMMV: Your Milage May Vary. Translates as "That's my opinion/my best understanding; someone else may come to other conclusions."