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Is there any way to dye your pubic hair? Answered


Wow... lol Its possible, but it kinda sounds a little too risky. I mean, the only people who are gonna see it are the people youre going to be "with"... theres a risk of harming your parts and having pretty green or whatever colored pubes just isnt worth that. thats just me


9 years ago

Hair dye will work. However, hair dyes usually contain fairly harsh chemicals, and is not usually used on sensitive skin, so you will definitely want to be very careful applying the dye, and some sort of shielding for surrounding skin is a good idea--the liquid bandage stuff may work-at least on regular skin. Exactly how to protect your genitals I don't know, but it deserves careful thought. Chemical burns are absolutely no fun!

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Yes, just use regular hair dye. Of course, if you're a little darker down there you may need to bleach it first. Be reeeeaaaalllly careful.

im sure regular hair dye will work...