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Is there any way to make a good 20 quart ice cream maker? Answered

Like the kind that can be rigged it up to a hit and miss engine, or something similar?



5 years ago

They are available in hand crank, electric motor, or pulley drive (you supply the motor from White MountainĀ® Cream Makers 20 qt. I plan to make one run using a Maytag 2 cycle antique washing machine gas engine.

Is your question still burning? Buy a second hand dough mixer (like bakers use). This should be a good basis. Repalce the mixer by a scraper and figure a way out to cool it (ice + salt or else a heat exchanger rigged up to your fridge).
I'm affraid a really cheap and easy solution is not at hand.


9 years ago

So 20qt is, as caitlinsdad says, a 5-gallon bucket. You would want to find yourself a metal version for proper heat transfer. Place your big metal bucket (small trash can?) inside a bigger bucket or trash can - this one can be plastic, wood, or whatever. Fill the interstitial space with ice and salt, just like a regular ice cream maker. You'll need a cover for your inner metal bucket, with a hole to stick your mixing attachment (dasher) through. You can build a nice sturdy dasher out of wood or metal, just make sure it is only an inch or two smaller than the diameter of your internal bucket so you scrape the whole thing when mixing. Now attach to a strong enough motor, and get spinning!

That's an industrial sized ice cream maker, one 5-gallon bucket at a time. Maybe you can rig up a portable cement mixer. It is geared to have power to churn when it gets thick and heavy. You would have to figure out how to cool the vat though. Good luck.