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Is there any way to make a long range video transmitter? Answered

I have looked into commercial transmitters, but they are too expensive, and do not achieve the range I want. I would like a transmitter that can transmit video at least 1 mile, but is still legal without a license.


High gain antennae might be all he needs though. The 2.4 gig systems would work nicely into cantennas.

So with a 2.4ghz transmitter, and a high gain antenna or cantenna, I could reach somewhere close to 1 mile in range? I know that most 2.4ghz systems have a max range of about 1000ft, which is certainly not close to a mile.

You don't need a lot of extra "gain" to get the signal 5 times further, and good cantenna at each end would "gain" you 8-10dB each end, or 16-20dB over the channel, which is pretty darned good.

A couple of small satellite dishes would be even better.

Your requirements are contradictory. To get that range, you need a relatively powerful transmitter, which must be licensed. As Re-design said, you could use ham (amateur radio), for which getting a license is pretty straighforward.

How could I get such a license? From what I have read, ham radio licenses are different than TV or video transmitting licenses. Does it cost anything to get one.

Ham Radio encompasses TV signals. 
It is called ATV (Amateur TV) .
We routinely send each other Slow Scan TV signals and Fast Scan TV signals.
Fast Scan is what you receive on your TV in the living room to see the news.
Slow Scan sends Still Pictures.

All that is needed is an Amateur Radio License
See ARRL.org to find out how.


Yes, it costs money. So does a high-power transmitter. I guess you couldn't type "ham radio license" into Google on your own?

If you put high gain antennas on the better units that don't need a license, and you are clear line of sight and you are away from rf interfereance you might get a mile of range but it's iffy.

If you got a ham license (which is pretty darn easy now) you could put together a system that will have as much range as you like.

Quite flatly, no. Even the commercial ones don't go that far until you get into microwave, which you'll definetely need a license for.