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Is there any way to permanently change the finish (color) on a shower-head? From Brass to Bronze? Or Chrome to Bronze? Answered

I would like to get a Grohe Freehander (http://www.groheamerica.com/t/_3874.html ) shower system for my bathroom, but all the fixtures I have are aged copper or aged bronze.. The fixture comes in chrome, nickel or polished brass, the cheapest being the chrome or the nickel. Is is possible to alter the finish after I purchase it?


Chrome or bright brass to aged brass may be doable simply by buffing off any clear-coat and pltating and applying a tarnishing compound if it's cast from brass. It would likely end up uneven looking, but at least not shiny. You could dull it further with colored wax "bronzer", which would actually hold up a bit better while wet than trying to paint it (authentic oiled bronze fixtures outdoors just get darker over time.) I've only ever done any of this to an indoor doorknob, though.


9 years ago

Not without chemicals, electricity, and knowledge of electroplating. "I am sorry Dave, I can not do that."