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Is there any way to reduce the amount of MB for a video? Answered

I have noticed that my last few videos have been taking up a lot of space. A 1 minute 30 second video takes up 500 MB of space. Is there any way to reduce this capacity so I can upload the videos to youtube faster?


Greater compression will probably force you toward lower image quality, or a slower frame rate, or both. There's no free lunch; compression operates by throwing information away and hoping it can retain enough of what's important that you don't notice the difference. One thing that might help: Shoot the videos using a tripod. Camera motion adds to the information that has to be encoded; a fixed camera (and, preferably, a relatively fixed background) allows some compression techniques to just encode what's changing from frome to frame. (Pro-quality encoding is able to extract camera-motion/background-motion information and use that knowledge to reduce the datastream, but that takes a lot of processing power at encoding time in order to allow better compression without unreasonable amounts of computation during playback.) Frankly, it sounds like your first step should be to replace the camera. If you start with a "sucky vid", you will never have anything better.

I tried compressing a 2.17 GB video file (5 minutes long) into 60 MB, and I did not see any loss of video quality. Compression is probably my best route. The camera isn't what is causing the large video files and sucky vid quality. The program I use to extract the videos off the camera (I cant just pop the disk in the computer due to the stupid DVD-RW format) is causing the large files, and the environment is what is causing the sucky vid quality. It looks better when natural sunlight is in the camera.

You are probably saving it in Raw format(the 2GB video file), Raw AVI video can take massive amounts of space.

Yes: Reduce the audio bit rate. Reduce the video bit rate. Reduce the frame size. Use a different file format. What are you using to produce the clips, what format etc? At the moment I'll guess your saving as a high-quality AVI? L

I have minimal audio in my videos, and the file format is .avi. I dont know about my video bit rate or frame size at all. I also need the quality to be high because my camera tends to make sucky vids.

If you've got minimal audio drip the audio bit rate lower. The audio track is still encoded at the same bit rate whether there's much to hear or not. Save in a different format e.g. wmv or see about converting it to DIVX? L

yes there is. you know how a camera takes a picture based on resolution? well the same works with video cameras. you can record something in a lower resolution on your camera, and therefore, the storage it takes up will be signifantly smaller. im surprised it took up 500 MB tho! i bet if you recorded it with a lower resolution, then it could lower the capacity by nearly 50 -60 megabytes. i just want you to know, that most of the capacity is from the size, because think about it. a viedo camera basically takes "pictures" at lightning fast speed, so it appears that the "pictures" are moving, but those are only the frames. so basically the size is saying that for each of those pictures that it has to take, they require some hundered KB, and with thousands or thousands that you require for a 1 minute video, it is obvious that it would be at least 500 MB, but i think this answer helps you the best!

I need that high resolution because my camera tends to make sucky videos without a high res.

in that case, the best things to do is lower the frame rate, the sound quality, and are you recording with a hd camera? because if you are, then there are programs which allow you to convert hd vids or other vids into a lower storage vid of the same quality. there are also programs which allow you to edit the vid in which you only sacrifice a little bit of resolution, and you can get a significantly lower storage. like i said before... take a picture with a digital cam. and see how much storage it takes up. probably around 350 KB. now imagine 1000's of those for every second! that is one of the reasons why any type of vid is so large. another way to lower the storage is just to make the video smaller! do you really need a minute long vid? or can you make it shorter by cutting out the irrelevant parts?


8 years ago

you can save the videos in a different format, reduce quality or resolution. What program are you using?