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Is there any way to salvage cell phone parts? Answered

I have an old picture phone that I took apart. Is there any way to salvage the screen and camera without the whole cell phone?


I agree, the motors are the only things worth taking because the rest is surface mount.

you could also take the mic and the speaker

I have taken apart old cell phones for the motors. I don't know what else you could get. Battery maybe?

I wonder if it would be possible to hook the display up to an arduino or something as a screen. The connectors which I have seen on the screens have a ton of pins, and are practically microscopic though. Has anyone done anything like this with a cell phone screen? or are they made to go into machine assembled devices such as cell phone only?

Yes you can salvage the screen and camera Locate the strip cable connecting to the main board from the LCD 

if its not on a clip connector then you will need to use a solvent such as acetone and a good heat controlled soldering iron or a Hotair rework station.
 Apply solven to the connection area let it sit for 30 seconds dab with dry cotton or a spung and repeat until most adhesive is removed (do not apply any tention or force to the cable) during this time. After you have removed most of the adhesive use a iron or hotair (with a fine tip nossle) on as low temp as possible on the contacts of the strip wile applying a vary small amount of tention and the cable should could free with little to no damage.

  As for people saying you cannot salvage becuse of SMT connection's that depends. some SMT compoenets within modern cellphones are somewhat valueble. And can easily be used in prototypeing if you dont mind making PCB breakout boards for them using photoetching. 

 Everything inside a cellphone is "worth" salvageing minus the common components such as resists and caps. If you have the right tools for the job that is.

If your going to be doing alot of salvageing invest in a hotair station and if you have a hot-air rework station surface mounting in general is easy to deal with.