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Is there any way to make a fully automatic AK-47 out of knex with a working magazine? Answered

title says it all


Technically, you probably could, but it would be hard. I've come up with some designs for one in a lego gun, but I haven't actually made it yet (the idea works for knex too though). Basically, you make a gear (snowflake piece and small green rods on each spoke), and then you make another gear with a trigger attached to that one though. Then, design the shape of your gun, and you want to put the single gear at the firing area where the regular trigger would go, and put the gear with the trigger attached below it, so that they mesh, and when you pull the trigger, the top gear needs to be COMPLETELY RELEASED (not just turned) from the other gear with the trigger attached. (for this concept, see my C3 crossbow). Then, what you need to do is attach on the side of the single gear, one of those orange straight pieces, and then somewhere else on the gun (either to the orange piece's right or left), put another orange piece, so that they mesh together (and the one can spin freely, while the other is attached to the gear which is meshed). Then, put some rubberbands on the single orange piece, so that everytime it is moved it snaps back, and makes it harder to rotate. Then, load all of your rbs on the firing gear, and make a magazine, and attach it to the gun. When you let go of the trigger, what will happen is the gear will start to rotate, but will be slowed down by the rotation of the 2 orange pieces, which will allow the rbs to come off slow enough to fire correctly (they need to come out fairly slowly because the magazine cannot reload the next shot very quickly). Probably the fastest you will be able to get with a fully automatic gun (except if its a minigun), is about 2 shots/second.

Yes its possible - without any detail because I dont know specifically, but there will be a 'catch' that makes the firing pin only move once until the trigger is pulled again. Modifying most guns to full auto is simply removing this catch. In most places this modification makes a fully automatic, fully illegal weapon.

This is in the K'nex category no? Well you could probably take a system like EB's crank and just dress it up to make it look like an AK. Adding the magazine wouldn't be that hard but the crank would be behind the handle which would probably be uncomfortable.

 or you could just add some length onto the back of the gun and cut some off the front but keep the mech in roughly the same spot then just pop the handle on to the back behind the crank.

in other words, add length to the back and put the handle back there.

but what i think u mean is having the trigger on the handle meaning because the ram is on the crank for it to work you would need to have it behind the handle. this would mean you would have to do somthing like on adamsdeads shotgun where a fancy thing brings the actual point of trigger engagement a fair amount of lentgh away from where you actually pull the trigger.
this is what i think you would want from sompthing like this but for a full auto it would need to be worked on but i see where u are going.


milanawi legend (sorry if thats wrong) built a full auto. combine that with a rbg repeater and put it in an ak body and there you go

I HAS AN IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you take the slingshot gun idea and use that to slam the wheel rods from an rbg down on something that pulls the ramrod....?

People do (in the former Czech Republic) L (yes)

Yes. (this answer says it all)