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Is there any website or person who can send samples/electronic equipment to me in the UK . Answered

I am 14 and very into electronics, i have made and customized many items lately.
From a new heatsink for my Xbox 360 to a infa red topple bot.
as you can picture i am 14 with no job because i am not old enough and i have no cash, i need some samples/donations for some electronic experiments thank you ever so much please inbox me or comment for sugestions



Best Answer 8 years ago

Something you might try is a place that recycles or processes old electronics and computers. In an effort to help keep stuff out of landfills many local laws now require electronics to be processed rather than just dumped. Although you won't find the newest and latest you could probably pick up components for free. Much of the old stuff still works, its just people want newer things so they throw it out. As long as you don't want truckloads of stuff they probably would be willing to help you out. And if you make friends there you might even talk someone into looking out for certain items for you.


8 years ago

Look at the Instructables listed under "Related" at right... but generally, the days of free components are pretty much gone unless you're a pro, and even pros need to be able to plausibly argue that if the design works out you're planning to purchase enough to make it worth their while to dangle this bait in front of you.

Components are actually fairly cheap, if you can avoid frying them and if you plan on reusing them from one project to the next.