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Is there anyone out there who can teach me to circuit bend, create/re-purpose circuitry, use Arduino? Answered

Recently, I've become fascinated with Instructables involving re-purposing gadgets, gizmos, and gears. I want to learn some basics before I start dismantling my old cell phone or cd player, but I don't know anyone I can ask. And even if I did know someone, I'm not sure I would know WHAT to ask. I'm at the beginning of a machine and motherboard addiction, I can feel it. Do you know any good dealers? _Science on the Side_



9 years ago

as far as circuit bending goes, reed ghazala is the king. i bought his book and it taught me a lot about bending and electronics in general. you can find it here on amazon.

to fuel the fire, try getting toys from goodwill and other thrift stores or even garage sales. you will most likely destroy a few in the process, so cheap is good. i've also bent simple circuits like this one that teaches you to solder. i bent it and installed it into a cigar box with some board stand-outs. i got some pretty satisfying sounds out of some oddly placed switches and variable pots.

good luck and send some pictures or video when you've got something going. cheers!


I'd recommend building simple things before you start tinkering with more complex electronics. You can blindly poke around and see what kind of sounds come out, but that's not very fun. Pick up some basic electronics parts, a good book and get cracking. You don't have to be an electronics master, but knowing the basics is a good thing.