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Is there anything that can be done with an old screen from a laptop that has been "dissected"? Answered

P.S. The screen is in good shape still, but the rest of the computer is pretty well dismantled.


Not a lot. Unless you have control hardware. If you go looking you'll want something like these:
TFT LCD Display Kits/


I use a very similar board to that at work, they ain't cheap !

I'll check our price for such things - this is THE most popular question here I think. Apart from breaking out of the school networks....

It is very common, but who do you mean by "our"?


The price I pay at work for the ones we use.

I get that, but I guess you can pass that on to your customers.


In other words, expensive enough that you can probably get a brand-new flatscreen monitor for less.

Pretty much. We only use ours because we are forced to use a 10" screen and no-one makes nice 10" screens anymore. TV grade yes, but not high quality monitor ones.

You could try turning it into a laptop screen sized Photo-frame.

But you would really need the rest of the laptop to make this work.


8 years ago

Go to your local classifieds (Like Gumtree) and put it up for sale.  You never know, maybe someone needs one.

Easy cash.

Probably not. Since laptops are designed as an integrated unit, there isn't as clean a division between the screen logic and the rest of the computer. Most of the circuitry for the display probably lives on the motherboard, and can't be operated separately.

If you can manage to find specifications for the screen,  you could build an entirely new set of hardware to drive it -- but that's far from being a beginner project.

That's the tradeoff you accept in laptops. Keeping them both small and affordable means they can't be divided into components.