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Is there anything useful to be done with a Kodak Disc Camera? Answered

,,,and no, I'm not talking Compact Disc, Hard Disc, or Floppy Disc.  I'm talking about a disc of film.

I understand that film can still be obtained for this camera, but is almost impossible to get processed, and the images are pretty awful.

So, what fun stuff might be in the guts of that funky plastic case?



Best Answer 8 years ago

TAke the guts out of it and replace with a very thing whole digital camera.  It would be just a case for the dig. but it would look retro and like you were still using obsolete film.

Kodak really missed the boat on this product. If they'd only made the discs with an even number of frames it would have been trivial to make a stereo (3d) camera that used the same film, and offer a service to develop the film onto a viewmaster disc which were still popular way back then. Gordie.