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Is there government money available for electric/alternative fuel vehicle conversions? Answered

I plan on doing an alternative fuel (ethanol) or electric motorcycle project and need money for it. Are there special-purpose government grants that I can tap into to help pay for this? I'm in the United States, in the state of Georgia... if that helps.


"Kinda-sorta... but-not-really" They won't pay you to go and make it happen. The best you could get was a tax credit, so that whatever you paid for materials would be reduced from your taxes or even refunded to you... granted you did a fully-detailed itemization of your parts and services, including sellers, sources, and labor. In a word- PITA This of course is assuming that your state will even allow for custom-built vehicles in their definition. Most states will do a "LEV" or "EV" tax credit on the purchase of a new vehicle... meaning unless you buy a prius, Insight, Volt, etc... you're not getting any.

...I just realized that I asked this question... *face-palm*


9 years ago

i hope so cause i wanna do the same thing