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Is there is any site on which i can upload my pic and get hairstyle advice from experts? Answered



Best Answer 5 years ago

That sort of thing is best sorted face-to-face. Go and talk to a local hair styling professional.

Can anybody suggests me hairstyles here if i upload my pic here right on inscrutables

They could.

Try it in the normal forums, but be prepared for odd suggestions.

I got it what are you signaling me at.
posting here is almost worthless right?

It might be worth trying tand online makeover tool like this one http://www.short-hairstyles.com/makeover.htm. You can upload your own photo and put a new hairstyle on it.

Might be worth trying an online makeover tool like this one http://www.short-hairstyles.com/makeover.htm, you can upload your picture and try various different hairstyles on it.

I wouldn't say worthless but most of the people here who offer answers are from an engineering background (including me) and more than likely have little or no experience with a woman's hair.

However I can use Google so have a try at these sites: