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Is there really a way to get quality TV on your PC? Answered

I have seen ads for TV for PC software and SBU TV receivers.  Is there one that really works?  I want to avoid the high cost of cable/satelite subscriptions




6 years ago

Sorry for posting here as well, just want more of you to check this out

an online software that allows access to about 3000 satellite TV channels and cable TV (I have no time yet to see them all), tuned channels have very good signal.

If anyone is interested


Get TV Tuner Card or a USB tuner and watch over the air broadcast, I'm not a football fan but some of the games I've seen on my father-in-law's Sony Bravia are absolutely stunning in regards to picture quality alone.

Last I looked they were ~$80 at Best Buy for HD USB tuners. But years ago I had a PCI one SD resolution, mono sound but it was only 30-40 bucks.

I don't have TV (I have a few TV screens though) but I watch all the cool TV shows using a Roku box from Netfix, if I had a PC I could watch them on my computer but I have a Mac. Anyway, go to the Netflix site and see how cheaply you can watch unlimited movies and TV shows (about 12,000 titles). You just have to sign up for I think one movie a month and you get unlimited access  to all the instant streaming stuff. Mac users just have to buy the Roku box. I have been watching stuff this way for a year now and the quality just gets better and better.

 Download HD tv shows as you want them.  I do that with all of my television shows.  Dexter, Big Bang Theory, Soul Eater, etc.  I completely removed the television out of my room.

Use something like rapidshare or utorrent.