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Is there something wrong with my new Leatherman Wave? Answered

So I finally got a Leatherman Wave after finding a good price at a sports store for $55 (Wave+Croc+bit extension) but it isn't quite what I expected. I've never had a Leatherman before or a large multitool (Wave replaced a Gerber Dime), so maybe this is normal, but it is really stiff to fold at the pivot points. Some people say that it just needs to be opened and closed a lot to loosen it but I would like some advice. I haven't oiled it yet but I'm not sure what kind of oil to use. The tools and knives are ok, they don't require much force, but I am surprised by the folding action. Is the folding action supposed to go different ways? From the pictures I included, sometimes it goes to the right and sometimes to the left.


The hinge for the pliers is softer than the one for the handles, otherwise you would have a had time using it.

To fold I simply fold the handles and push the tool together.

Takes a bit of getting used to but once have done it a few times it becomes second nature.

You should only put a drop of oil on the plier hinge if it opens and closes too hard - but only do this after you really used the tool for a while.

In most cases the design works and after working the pliers for a while it all moves smoothly.

The hard part is getting the handles to fold; one folds but the other feels stuck. A lot of force is needed to get it to move. I need to push on it hard and then it suddenly goes (subsequently smashing one's finger if too close to the handle's hinge). I've folded/unfolded it quite a few times (with gloves) to loosen it and it does feel a little better. Going from closed to open seems ok, but closing it still doesn't feel right. I'll try some WD40 this weekend and see if it gets any better.

Looks fine to me. The action of the handles is supposed to be stiff. There's nothing worse than the handles collapsing under your hands as you use them.

Update: after folding it a few times to loosen it, I think it's gotten worse on one side. In the photo the new shiny area is where the friction feels like it is coming from; now it feels like metal scraping metal. Every time it is closed, there are small flakes of metal near the green circled area. Is it normal to be wearing down like this since it is new?


It can happen and said before these things are produced to get working over time.

If your is far too stiff, kepp working it with some oil and flush the meatal shavings out with it.
In a few month, after good use it will be all good and moving freely.

Good news! After working it for an hour without oil, I wore down the tight spots on the the pivoting areas. Now it's really smooth and easy to open. Thanks :)

Now just don't drop it in the bush somewhere ;)
If yours does have screws, check them every once in a while until you are certain they stay put.

I forgot about it and one had a screw missing, lucky me found it still in the tackle box.

I think I will have to use some oil; I can barely get the stiff side to move now.