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Is there technology to monitor a security camera remotely with no internet connection? Answered

I have had a couple of robberies at my deceased grandfathers home, which is empty and no one is living there, and it is about 40 miles from my home. I was wondering if there might be a way to set up a camera and be able to monitor it at my home, either on my computer or my smartphone. I do still have the electricity going at his home, but I don't want to also pay for cable for an empty house(thus no internet connection). Just wondering if there is any technology available in which the camera could somehow broadcast over the cell phone network maybe? Any answers are greatly appreciated.


Yes I know how to do that

What is the least expensive hotspot to act as a standby Internet access point when the power fails? I have a refrigerator with about $30K with of Botox in it and while I will get a txt if the temp falls it won't work if the power goes out since the internet will go down as well. I would only be using data if the power fails and the temp sensor goes off. Any suggestions on a cheap hotspot for very low data? Thanks


2 years ago

hello lyost, was wondering if your securebysam worked for you. Thanks


3 years ago

I have a similar situation w my moms house. 2 hours away. No internet. I bought a Securebysam system from Amazon It's a radio shack product I'm Installing this wknd Uses cellphone connection Motion activated and I can hear what's going on and speak to whoevers there

Am reading up on camly also Looks like it works for re,ore locations And seems to be relatively affordable

If you've since found a solution I'd love to know what you did

Yes their is technology that can do that although they don't have very long range

It will need to go over the internet one way or another. Dial up won't support the stream but DSL could. Or you can talk to your cell carrier about getting a Wi-Fi hotspot. Leave the card in the house with a WiFi enabled camera and the hotspot provides internet service through your cell phone data plan. So it would be good to have unlimited data. True unlimited data as streaming video or even getting an imaged every 10 seconds will eat up 10Gbits pretty fast. Either way you go your gonna have to spend some extra money here and maybe even more on a monthly basis to support monitoring.

Why do you need to monitor an empty house? Even if you see something happening they will be long gown before you can get the cops there and there is nothing to take other than the pipes and wires. Leaving a camera and means to connect to the internet only gives something more to be taken.

I'd guess it's empty of people, not of things, and there is he added issue of squaters moving in to a house that nobody is living in.

When I wrote "empty", I just meant that no one is living there. I should have made that clear. A lot of his things are still there that I have not had the time to move or know what to do with. The two robberies previously were what seemed to be just teenagers, possibly looking for prescriptions/ drugs. They wouldn't have known how to move antiques, or the ability to sell items at pawn shop if under age. Nothing was taken. Just things in a mess, drawers pulled, cabinets opened, etc., but like I said before, the contents are still there. Thank you for your answer.

If there is line of sight you could try a 2.4 gig wireless link (802.11g)to your pc. A suitable outdoor antenna and 2.4g tx module should be able to carry the video link.

Did you get that I said "40 miles..." from his house to mine?