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Is this LCD salvageable/usable? Answered

Hi, I got an old piece of scientific equipment from ~1988 to 1991 range. Its got a pretty large LCD and I was wondering if I could use it later when I become better with electronics/hacking. Behind the lcd is a set of 8 (maybe 10, can't recall) HDM44104 chips. The lcd board is connect via ribbon cable to another board with 20 pins to connect to the instruments main board. Any ideas?

EDIT: I did some research and its a 10 pin LCD but how do i figure out the dimensions?
Also, the board the LCD directly contains a RAM chip. What's that for?



8 years ago

Probably not.  Unless you know what the pins are expecting signal/voltage wise then you'll have to guess and probably mess it up before you figure it out.  Try to dig up a schematic on the internet somewhere.


Answer 8 years ago

Can you refer me to a helpful electronics forum where the members are familiar with this old type of electronics?