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Is this a bug, or intentional? Answered

Okay, so just a minute ago (at the time of me typing this) I click the forums button, and all of the links to the threads are a charcoal black? I don't have anything downloaded to change the color of the site, and everything else is fine so I want to know if this is a bug or not (and if this is happening to anyone else?)



We're experimenting with cutting back on the orange. 

Ah, I see.
If I may make I suggestion, some of the stylish scripts Lithium made are pretty good. You should look into them for inspiration. (With her permission I'm assuming)

Yes, makes a nice change.


The titles of I'bles on the featured and recent pages are also in black now.  Interestingly, the Answers page still has the questions in blue.  I wonder if this is going to last just a day, like the previous degeneration :-)

And the home page project listings are now devoid of the short description excerpt.  No teaser abstracts where you can see people declare it is their first instructable, go easy on them.

It's probably another tweak to the look.  The contrast of text is higher but makes it stand out too much looking very harsh.  It may help the older folks with seeing the page but I prefer the old colors....wait, I can't remember what the old color was.