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Is this a fake G-Shock? Answered

Hi, I've got a G-Shock with the model no. G-100-1BVMES. Is this a fake model no. as I can't find it on European, US or UK G-Shock websites. I got it from a well-known jewellers so I don't think it's fake...but when I looked the model no. up it only appears on a few websites. On the G-Shock UK website is appears as 1BVMUR...it looks like my one but I'm not 100% sure if it is a real one under a less popular name.

Any information would be much appreciated.

Thank You



Casio uses a lot of "unkown" part numbers.
Often the first part is identical to the normal ones but one or more digits are nowhere to be found on their websites.
When I got mine I contacted their support to get some answers.
Long story short:
These numbers are for model variations.
Sometimes it is as small as different colors for the fingers or dial.
In other cases it is for country specific models, those for a speciic re-seller or even because some internal parts are different, like never sensors.
Then there is the addition of the wrist bands to consider.
In many cases a big re-seller does not like the standard band and wants something else - again the model number will be slightly adjusted.
Even the finnish can affect the model number, like black or standard, polished or brushed...

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Both the images of the watches from rickharris and FriendOfHumanity are the same as the watch I have... :D

Well all I can say is their main web site doesn't list that model number. Soooo Maybe it's fake.

Don't worry I have a fake Rolex, it tells the time just as well as my real Seiko.

OR you have missread the part number and this is your watch.


Yes...that is my watch. The number that I thought was the model no. was on the back of the box.