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Is this a glitch? Answered

Hello from the UK! I commented on some guy's comment, he spelt immense wrong and you know how I am with grammar and stuff...
Anywhores, I posted it and it commented on two different people's comments!!!???
Just look at the screenshot!
Flannel UK




Best Answer 7 years ago

Yes, it's a glitch. The data base is not perfect. It would be hard for you to do this by accident.

Go to the bugs forum and post a link to this so admin. can see if it's a problem or not.

It's only a glitch in your viewer, when I click on it, I can see it posted correctly. If something like this happens, refresh your browser and see if it appears the same way again. That should take care of the problem 90% of the time.

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.  Don't know if it's in the browser or the code that Robot runs in the browser, but a reload usually fixes such quirks when they happen to me. The aggressive indenting seems to be an indicator that a reload will work.