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Is this a good idea? Answered

Okay, so I'm currently building something new but I can't find the proper tube sizes for it, not even on the internet, so this is what I'm planning to do,I'm going to try to make my own steel tubing. First, I will buy a sheet of steel which I can easily buy from my local hardware store. Then I will cut them to 4 different strips, and weld them together forming a rectangular tube. Any suggestions? Tips?


Bend it and weld only one seam.

Good idea, but I'm not sure I will be able bend it that easily. Also, it needs sharp edges.

Cut the large sheet into 2. Bend both in the middle (larger, wider sheets are easier to bend), you can use a table's side to bend them. Then only you cut them into the dimension you need, by now you have two half of your rectangle tube in the shape of two L. Join them together with two seams.

Gyromild's Idea is the best bet....

How thick is this steel? If its too thin it will warp from the heat of welding. You may want to tack it. Thicker... say 3/16 or better wouldn't warp, but would be a bitch to bend. Only other advise I have is to make a good jig to keep it all square while you weld it.

That is what I was thinking but you still have to do a good weld job if you want it to be strong.

Oh yeah.... i figure its easier to do one perfect weld than 4 perfect welds....

yeah its a lot easier to do it that way

I hope you are a good welder. If you are then this shouldnt be hard just find a way to keep them square with each other.