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Is this a novel idea and or exists already? Answered

I'v been creating this idea in my head of a led back light that changes color based on the color of your monitor. Using sets of Red Green and Blue leds to create all the color combos, it would find an "average" color of your screen. Essentially including your peripheral vision in your games/movies.  Im curious if this is already exists in some form i could purchase or if it is something I would have to build (any suggestions)?



Best Answer 5 years ago

Not sure about purchasing, some TV's do come with it built in I believe but someone has already posted a guide for doing it to a TV.

I love the concept - and have worked a lot with LEDS -- the only hard part is actually determining what colour to make the wash - because hdmi is encrypted so you need to work with the video data after it's decoded, easier said than done. Works great for computers, but if it's a tv input directly, you're in trouble. Phillips gets past this by having hdcp compliant decoding give the leds their colour.

This might be what you are looking for: http://hackaday.com/2011/10/05/adalight-ladyadas-ambilight/

Yeah, Phillips have had this for years.

It would be something you would have to build.