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Is this a real video? Answered

I found this(http://youtube.com/watch?v=Sf3M-_RUSCM) video on Youtube. Is it real? If it is I will probably make an instructable out of it.


how can i make m own video please tell me

Point your camera at something and press the record button.

I'm very, very suspicious of this. They can't spell 'permanently', which is of little consequence, but no. It's a trick.
The thing is still only powered off two AA cells with exactly the same laser, no.



11 years ago

Driving a 5mw green laser setup at 100mw probably works about like driving a 1W lightbulb or LED at 20W. ie, briefly, if you're lucky. OTOH, who knows what the "native" power of the parts in a random imported laser pointer is; they could be "re-purposed" higher power parts that didn't meet specs and ended up in the surplus "consumer" market ("ship it to the yanks. Who cares!") The instructions look awfully specific to the exact model of laser point they had, with no theory as to how it was being reconfigured...

That is awesome. In POPsci, they have all these really expensive lasers that can burn things and be seen from a very far length away. I want to do this. Maybe someone can make an Instructable.

I'd say yes, since green lasers are the more powerful (and more expensive) laser.