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Is this a seashell or a clam? If so what is it called? Answered

I found this shell thing on the beach of Cape San Blas Florida. It's like a clam due to its "lips". The shell is somewhat heavier than a regular shell, my sister found another like it but practically on the other side of the beach. The lips of the shell are black and thick, they go around the  shell almost the whole way but stop at the back like a clam. It's small and fits in the palm of my hand.



Best Answer 4 years ago

Its a sand ground geode.
Try shining a red laser pointer into it, you may see a crystal interior.



4 years ago

It looks like a seed and not a shell. Does it float? Because shells don't float.

Thank you very much I will defiantly look at the website

We used to call them sea beans. And if you do a Google search for that "sea bean" you will get a lot of results and pictures just like the ones you have. If you read and follow the links you might be able to find out what plant they are from.

in fact you might want to try the web site seabean.com

Thank you I will defiantly try the lazer pointer trick

In other words, what is this shell or whatever called if anyone knows.

The difference between a clam and a sea shell is life and death. All seashells come from some form of Mollusk after they die.