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Is this a spider bite, or something else I should worry aboutt? Answered

I just came across this... thing.. a couple days ago on my thigh. Is it a spider bite? I live in colorado, but not in the mountains. It does not hurt, it only itches. It is not an open wound, it is the texture of very dry itchy skin. The middle of it is white, and it is surrounded by red. Is it something else? I need help. Sorry if the pictures are bad, it isnt easy to take a picture of something on the back of your thigh.


Still say to get it checked, but it could be a fire ant sting. I did not realize that the fire ant invasion had made it to Colorado until googling it.

This may sound extremely weird, but I do not feel fire ants any longer. I grew up around them and after countless stings and bites, they have no effect on me

It sounds like you have developed immunity to them. Lucky you!

my friend and I actually did something amazing while i devoled that immunity. He and I went and messed with a red ant pile daily, and after all summer, they wouldnt bite us or sting us anymore. The next winter (after hibernation) they would bite and sting again

You and your friend succeded in making yourselves smell enough like the ants that they were fooled into thinking you were part of the colony; a pretty neat trick. I recall seeing film of spiders doing this in order to hide from large predators and to have easy access to meals of ant eggs.
A quick search did not turn up the TV show we saw or a scholarly paper, but this biologist makes mention of it:

and there is more towards the end of this biologist's posting:



6 years ago

What did you girlfriend think ?

first of all, i do not have a girlfriend at the moment, and secondly, im 13

it has mostly gone away.....


6 years ago

Our High altitude recluse small arachnid bites have been painlessly unnoticeable and narcotizing at the site with a general unwell feeling of malaise proceeding to a coma in a small middle aged woman who recovered after subsequent medical attention with treatments lasting for almost a year for full recovery which included keeping her limb.

How are you feeling ?

couple days ago
Well I wouldn't expect it to get any worse, worry about it if it does and don't scratch it.


You should probably have it checked. Are there any cheap walk-in clinics in your area? Around here one of the drugstore chains has mini-clinics that can check stuff like this and give vaccincations & such.
It could be a tick bite, minus the tick. Is the faint red halo the beginnings of a bullseye rash or just from scratching? It could be an infected insect or spider bite. Brown recluse bites are extrordinarily painful so I doubt it was a recluse.

This is not a medical advice site, it is a DIY site. Your health is not something you should use a DIY approach for. If you have any suspicion that there is something wrong with any aspect of your health, you need to see a doctor right away, not waste time waiting for people to respond who may or may not know what they are talking about.

Get it checked out to be on the safe side. We are not the same as a doctor.


6 years ago

Boys do get spider and insect bites,
if that spot gets a bit bigger you may be a victim
of the brown recluse spider
The bite area usually can be identified by red mark where a small white blister usually initially rises and surrounded by a swollen area.

So if you have been rummaging through old garages or metal yards
where the reclusive arachnids reside see a doctor before two weeks
or it may be too late.


It looks like psoriasis. It's a skin condition that can start at any time in a person's life without warning. On one of the images (enlarged), it looks as though you may have a few small bumps like tiny blisters, which is a characteristic of psoriasis (as well as it being very itchy).

There's a possibility that its a bite of some kinds, so either way, you'll need to see a doctor and get a referral to see a dermatologist.

In the mean time, you can put on a little hydrocortisone cream, which may help the itchiness and redness. If at ANY time the area becomes hot to the touch and/or the redness enlarges you need to go to a doctor asap (as it could be an allergic reaction to a bite, perhaps a spider).

See the image I've included, it shows similar looking spots of psoriasis.