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Is this an ok PC? Answered

Hi I have a budget of under £300 and want to spend it on upgrading my PC. I need:

1. GPU
2. CPU
3. Case + PSU
4. MoBo
5. RAM

So far I found this:
Now I'm not looking for a PC that will run Crysis on highest detail but just some average games like Burnout Paradise

So could someone advise me if this is good enough or would I need something better and if so could someone tell me what.




9 years ago

seems like nice specs... i haven't heard anything about foxconnn... but i have heard that the asus, and msi boards are great... im going to assume that you have the hard drives and optical drives... and power supply.

Hi, you're building a new machine just keeping the peripherals? I always go for Gigabyte boards, and that's my only comment on what to use. If you're asking the question, I'd be a bit concerned that you're not matching the parts together in the best possible combinations. Have you looked around for a ready-built machine, or web-article on "budget PC"? I don't know off-hand, otherwise I'd point you... L