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Is this fox hunting? Answered

  I have seem him here a few times.  This time I got a picture.  It runs the air ducts and pipe hangers where there are BIRDS.  Is that what it's doing, hunting birds?


.  As with most (if not all) canids, foxes are either sleeping or hunting. Yeah, it's more complicated than that, but you get the idea.
.  PS: Do not try to befriend the fox. They are not small dogs, they are wild animals with dangerous dentition. It will turn out badly for everyone involved.

Oh!  I may need to quit feeding it  my tuna fish.

.  That can lead the fox to be less fearful of humans. The next human may not be so nice.
.  If the fox decides it needs to defend the food you have given it, you may get bitten. Animal Control will probably kill the "vicious" fox and you might be looking at rabies treatments.

good point. our neighborhood at large is for the most part "friends of the wild ones" but I do remember nearly getting into a very viscous fight with a former neighbor who I found was shooting squirrels and thought of all of them (squirrels coons, possums, you name it) as vermin. needless to say, he left and I'm still here, protecting my little bastion of forestude as I've been doing for over forty years...

<<lives on the last rural street in our 100 year old very urban suburb.

i would say eating the eggs, if there are enough nests


8 years ago

Probably. Looking for birds, chicks and eggs, maybe a mouse or two if they're there to be had. Foxes are opportunistic, they'll eat just about anything they can catch and kill.