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Is this idea for a skateboard kite attachment practical or even a good idea? Answered

I was looking at some of the kite Ible's and had this random idea pop into my head about a way to attach a sail to a longboard to reduce arm fatigue and put more of the force directly on the board. I really don't know much about the physics or anything involved, but i would like to try this. 

the image is a two minute MS paint picture to get my point across. shown is a two-tether design, but i assume this could easily be done with a multiple tether set up, and that might be better. Just throwing this out for ideas/comments/criticism.



Best Answer 6 years ago

That looks like a good way to lose your board.

The usual way to reduce arm strain is to wear a harness, similar to a climbing harness, but with more padding, and a heavy-duty hook at the front to attach your lines to.

i just thought that if i started to crash, i could just let go of the kite and it would lose shape and fall down. If i used a longish line, it would give me time to get off the board or stop before i ran over my own kite. Also, i don't think i would be using a very large kite, maybe just over a meter square. I dont want to go super fast, just enough to prove the design. upon thinking this over more, i thought that if i used a triangular kite, attached with the point down, attached via line to the front of the board, i could have the other two corners on the top of the kite, attached independently to the ends of a hand-held control rod. The picture here makes more sense than my blathering I'm afraid

kite schem 2.bmp

I get what you're after, but that's what kite-killers are for (they attach to your wrist and automatically pull the brake lines if you let go of the kite).

If you're flying a kite for traction, you need direct control of all four lines, something you do not have here.

Suggested browsing:




HQ (site)(catalogue/brochure)

Also, browse ebay for some bargains, as this is the kind of hobby where folk decide it's cool, buy a great pile of gear, scare themselves and sell it quickly.

Thanks for the links, they helped a bunch. I am making my own kite.

I think it would work, depending on the wind. Keep me informed, this looks very cool

I did make a kite, and it works relitively well, although it might be too heavy. Now all i need is a skateboard.

I think you want the center of gravity for the sail to be co-located with your body and skateboard as much as possible.

It looks to me as though the proposed design will make it impossible to change direction effectively.

Well, that makes alot of sense. Anyway, i will try it, just to see if it works. The worst that happens is that it doesent work and i dont go anywhere.

Do a search for "kiteboarding," or "kite longboarding". You'll also find "kite skating" for people who use inline skates.


6 years ago

The cats who kite surf, attach it to their wast (there must be a "quick release), and have their feet strapped to the board. Do you think you could get this kite up? Once you let go of the kite in your hands, it should fall.... resulting in a shorter chase.

well, i will check out harnesses for this sort of thing, but i have a budget of like five dollars (US) so I am trying to make this as straightforward as possible, without buying a harness.

Then you're going to fall off, or lose your kite.