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Is this legal? (UK electrical appliance question) Answered

Kitewife just bought a Christmas decoration, but when it came out of the bag, the connection was as shown in the image.

The loose wire is already a safety concern, about which I shall be contacting the store, but I also I thought that appliances sold in the UK had to have a plug moulded onto the power lead?

Since the decoration is lit with old-style filament bulbs instead of LEDs, I am wondering if she has been sold something that has been sitting in a warehouse since before the legislation changed?


Plugs don't have to be moulded in the UK, but they almost always are.

OK, so the issue is the state if the wiring (that lead was disconnected by the time she got home).

Trading Standards should be told, before someone is hurt.


Reminds me of the time we bought a meat slicer on Ebay, with the earth wired to the live terminal.

I don't live in the Uk but it is fairly easy to change the end.bit into one that will work. You might even use one from a broken appliance. One thine that you may want to check os the voltage the bulb takes. If it takes normal wall voltage then you should be fine, if not I would suggest an led light that you would normally screw into the lights.

I'm perfectly capable of fixing it, but other folk might not be.


5 years ago

Some of my worst electrical experiences have been with cheap christmas lights. I was given some USB-powered lights as a present, and found that when I plugged them into my PC it crashed it instantly. Every PC I've tried plugging them into crashed immediately, which I assume must be because there's a dead short across the USB power rails. This seems to be because the lightbulbs have two hair-thin bare wires as contacts, but the circular bases mean it's very easy for one to get rotated and twist a single wire across both terminals.

(I could complain about 19th-century filament bulb technology in christmas lights in the 21st century and all the problems they cause but it's not really worth it)

Did TheIdeanator wire that?

Nah, looks like professional job compared to Ideas.