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Is this metallic rock i found at a tin mine tin ore? Answered

Last year i took a trip down to a tin mine, and while i was there, or rather when we were leaving, my little 6yo brother threw a tantrum because he wanted a shiny rock, which weighs about 3Kg, so my dad let him keep it. Like all things like 6yo children pickup that arent valuable or toys, he didnt want it anymore by the time he next left the car.

Now i want to auction it off on ebay, but i dont actually know if its just a fine suspension if silicon plates or scales, or if its actually tin ore, which i would suspect since it was found in a tin mine.

ive attached a picture for your observations

It tooks a bit though like it could also be some kind of petrified log, which im open to selling it as as well.
Ide love it if it were both.


You in fact have "Schist"... Its a metamorphic rock that is comprised of various materials like slate, shale or mica (the shiny parts). We have tons of the stuff here, so unfortunately, there isn't anything special about it.

I'd be very surprised if you were able to sell it (as shipping would far exceed its 'value'), but its still pretty. So keep it as a decoration.

ah thanks, you can understand why i thought it might be petrified wood and/or tin ore.

Well, ive looked it up for myself and this is certainly schist. i have some large chip offs which ill try to sell online, but ill keep this rock and lie to my brother, and tell him its petrified wood tin ore, to him its like gold, especially when he found out i wanted to sell it.


lol... well that's the spirit. :D

I've collected many a rock also, thinking they had some rare value, but as long as "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", you can't go wrong. :)


6 years ago

Okay, your replies to RD make me pretty sure that your rock is a piece of schist. (No pun intended.)



I was going to say that just from the photo, before reading your description, it does look like petrified wood to me also. Are there growth rings in the end?

the layering is just like slate, but with each layer being super thin like tissues layerd upon none another with random amounts of the sparkly relfective discs between them. the pattern the layers have doesnt really change that much as it goes on deeper, so if it is petrified wood, ot was probably just a chunk of wood or bark or something (there were trees there with similar patterns), which didnt have growth rings. i do however know fror a fact it was brought form the same place the tin ore was being taken from

its arranged in layers, but no noticeable layers, also after chipping of an edge for electrolytical testing, the dust it made was very shinny like tiny little reflective discs, if this isnt tin ore, anyone know what it could be?


6 years ago

To me, it doesn't look like either tin ore or petrified wood, but its almost impossible to say for sure based on that photograph. However, I doubt that it really matters if it is tin ore or petrified wood because that particular rock is likely worth less than what it would actually cost to ship it.
Neither tin ore or petrified wood, in small quantities, have much intrinsic value. Any value of a small sample such as yours would lie in its natural beauty and quite honestly, that one just looks like a hunk of rock.

It's hard to tell from a photograph - It isn't Cassiterite - the main tin ore - example shown below.

It may be Mica if it sparkles or Quartz. probably not very valuable.