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Is this mini parallel LED set up okay? Answered

I have 6 LED's in parallel each with a resistor. Specs as follows:
LED: 3.2v 20mA (White)
Resistor: 150 ohms 1/4w resistors
Power supply: 6v 300mA wall socket adaptor

Is there a difference if the resistors are 1/4w or 1/8w?
Since LED's are current driven, is there a problem with the power supply providing 300ma?

Thanks for your help.


Everything's OK.

The only difference between 1/4 and 1/8W is their power handling - and you only have 60mW here anyway, so 1/8W would have been fine.

The power supply will supply current UP TO 300mA, you have 120mA of load, so you're good to go.


Thanks Steve. Will these LED's draw more than 20mA if it is available?

No, that's what the resistors are there for !