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Is this normal for calamari? Answered

So I had calamari for the very first time recently. It was okay, I guess. Can't say it was great. It was breaded and I guess fried. I didn't think it was awesome - kinda squishy and crunchy and purple inside. D=

Did I get a bad batch or do I just need to train my southernified taste buds?


It's your southernified taste buds. You see, we, up in the north, are free of southernified taste buds, and have a sophisticated palate, we eat many things, like hot pockets. We love deep fried things that have next to no taste and are of questionable color.

Hot pocket's next commercial on TV will taught their greatest asset...... "Hot pockets ! Instead of Metamucil !"

Normal doesn't mean RIGHT though ;-) That was definitely not cooked correctly.....

Aaaah. I hope you didn't get it as some appetizer in one of those casual-dining chain restaurants that claim to be your friendly neighborhood hangout. It was probably a frozen product similar to battered rubber bands. Fried calamari (pronounced gal-maaar) should be really only dusted with flour and maybe a little fine cornmeal in the mix, salt and pepper. It can be batter dipped like in a tempura but really should not be heavily breaded with breadcrumbs. It should be served with lemon wedges and a spicy tomato dipping sauce(italian spaghetti sauce that is thicker). I like the tenacle parts the best. The purplish color may be from poor preparation where the ink sac was not properly cleaned and removed. It is also bad if you find a bit of the clear cartilage part or the hard eyeball socket in your food. The rings should not be too large in size and should turn out a nice clean white color. Overcooked calamari will be tough like rubber bands. It shoud be tender and easy to chew and best when just cooked. Char-grilled calamari with just olive oil is a treat. Baby calamari is pretty good but may be difficult to find fresh in the markets. It is easy to make it yourself. I may have to do an ible on it.

Yes, I got it at an italian restaurant as an appetizer. It was kinda like rubber bands, actually. Kinda icky. OOoo! Ible!

oh, if it was rubbery, it was way overcooked....which will not make you sick, but is unpleasant at least.

Olive Garden or Pasta Express do not count as Italian restaurants. It's funny but in NYC, in general, more ethnic restaurants are not run by the ethnic group that you expect Pizzarias are usually run by Mexican or Albanian Tacorias are run by Chinese Japanese-sushi and teppanyaki are run by Chinese Vietnamese are run by Chinese Malaysian/Thai are run by Chinese Turkish shish-kabab places are becoming popular displacing the Greek gyro joint. I may have to do an ible on zeppoles too if I break out the deep-fryer.

Hahahahahha. No, a little independant place that's actually italian (or at least MORE italian than that :D ), not some franchise. Nummmy...NYC again! >Contemplates New York noms

You may have to do an ible on it? Sorry to say, but since you mentioned it, now you are required!

Calamari is generally bright white for the main meat, with purple edges. If it is properly cooked it should be rather like thick al dente pasta -- firm at first, but softly yielding to the bite.

If it was chewy (e.g., like biting into an eraser) then it was overcooked and you shouldn't eat at that restaurant again.

If it was really "squishy" (mushy), then it was probably undercooked and again, you shouldn't eat there again.

Any "crunchiness" would have been due to the deep-fry breading. I would hope that your southern taste buds could handle deep-fried anythging :-)

Thanks for the calamari info!

Haha. Yes, my southern taste buds can handle deep-fried anythging. :D

As Kelseymh indicates, it sounds like yours deep (& quick) fried, with some of it undercooked.

I prefer to eat it at restaurants that know how to cook it, and not destroy the delicate flavor and tactile experience by frying the creature. It is too delicate for that.

I have had it cooked to perfection one time, and although I did like the taste, my wife's comments tended to make the experience a bit unnerving at the time. (comments like: how can you EAT that thing with the little suckers on it's legs...., etc).

I still liked it (but it IS hard to find cooked properly *sigh*)