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Is this normal? Answered

Sorry for the bad quality, but I thought this looked strange...

This is an arrow flying through a piece of plywood.

It was captured using a digital camera filming at 30 fps, I used windows movie maker to slow down the video to 12,5% of the normal speed.

Can you spot the arrow on this blurry video? I can't :/


. First of all, you need a LOT more light. Even if your camera is capable of "catching" the arrow, it will not do it at the slow shutter speed required when the lighting is so low.

Wow, thanks I didn't know that....(seriously) Next try will be during the day, on and maybe I can get a camcorder from somewhere :P Btw if a camera/camcorder has a higher frames per second, does it make slow motion videos more smooth?

Yes. A higher FPS rate should make the movie smoother. The fact that you're using windows movie maker may or may not affect frame rate when editing. I'm not sure.

Nachomama is correct, better circumstances around the shot may have increased your chances of catching the arrow mid-flight.